Ethiopians Living in Doha Raise over Half Million Birr for Tigray Region


Addis Ababa December 29/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian residing in Doha, Qatar, have contributed over half a million Birr for compatriots who need humanitarian assistance in Tigray Regional State.

The Ethiopian Embassy in Doha said it carried out a fundraising campaign to raise humanitarian assistance to citizens living in Tigray Regional State.

Over  half a million Birr was collected from six civic associations, two religious institutions, embassy staff members and Ethiopians living in Doha.

According to a press release of the embassy, the  fund  will be  used  to rehabilitate displaced persons, repair damaged infrastructure, and help citizens return to normal activities.

The embassy stated that more than 400 citizens took part in the fundraising campaign.

Following the completion of the law enforcement operation in Tigray Region, the government has entered hunting down criminals and rehabilitation chapter.

Institutions organized by the interim administration in Tigray State have also started providing services.