Ethiopia’s Ambassador, Asst. Foreign Minister of China Hold Talks


Addis Ababa December 11/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga held talks today with China’s Assistant Foreign Minister Deng Li on the current situation in Ethiopia and bilateral relations.

During the discussion, Ambassador Teshome commended China’s unwavering stance on the law enforcement operation in Tigray Region, its opposition to third-party intervention in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, and support to African’s motto of “African Solution to African Problems.”

He noted that the operation is now over and the government is rebuilding Tigray and cooperating with the Interim Administration of Tigray to ensure stability, peace, and security in the region and provide humanitarian assistance for those in need.

Assistant Foreign Minister Deng Li reiterated on his part that China is confident that the Ethiopian government would continue to maintain its sovereignty and independence in resolving its domestic affairs.

China supports the ongoing efforts to rebuild Tigray, establish a regional government structure, and provide assistance for those in need, he added.

Deng Li affirmed that in addition to the strong and comprehensive bilateral relations, the two countries should continue to work together for mutual benefits.