Ethiopia’s Ambassador Briefs Finish State Secretary on Law Enforcement Operation


Addis Ababa, December 8/2020( ENA) Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Sweden and other Nordic Countries, Deriba Kuma has conferred with Finland’s Foreign Affairs State Secretary Kai Sauer, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the discussion, the ambassador briefed the state secretary on the concluded law enforcement operation in Tigray Region and other issues of mutual interest.

Deriba underscored that the federal government was forced to resort to the law enforcement operation as a result the belligerent act of the TPLF criminal group, which was unwilling to peacefully resolve differences.

The law enforcement operation was successfully accomplished with maximum care been given to the civilian population, he noted.

As the operation came to a conclusion, Ambassador Deriba called on Finland and other partners to join hands with Ethiopia in rebuilding the region.