Residents of Major Towns in Tigray State Urged to Work Alongside Interim Administration


Addis Ababa December 7/2020 (ENA) Inhabitants of Zalanbessa, Weqro, Adigrat and Edaga-Hamus towns in Tigray Region were urged to work together with the interim administration to bring lasting peace in the major towns of the state.

During the discussions held in the towns, the residents were urged to work alongside the interim administration for lasting peace and stability.

According to Habtai Gebremariam, committee member of the interim administration, the residents demanded that government institutions provide services.

They in particular mentioned the need for immediate resumption of services of health facilities, electricity, and telecom, he added.

Furthermore, they called on the interim administration to establish its structure in cities and other areas to ensure peace and enable the inhabitants to resume work.

Following the removal of  the TPLF junta through the law enforcement operation, the residents pointed out that they need a body that fairly administers the towns.

The other committee member of the interim administration, Saba Gebremariam said demands of the people will be addressed by establishing interim administrations in towns during the coming days.

Chief Executive Officer of the Interim  Administration of Tigray Regional State, Mulu Nega has been holding public discussion with inhabitants of various parts of the regional sate after the removal of TPLF junta.