Resident Diplomats Laud Nation’s Unity in Diversity


Addis Ababa December 5/2020 (ENA) Diplomats residing in Addis Ababa said today that Ethiopia is an example of unity in diversity.

The diplomats visited the exhibition organized alongside the  15th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day by the House of Federations under the theme ” Come together to see Ethiopia in one stage.”

Permanent Representative of Arab League to AU and Economic Commission for Africa, Saleh  Sahboun told ENA that Ethiopia’s strong unity in diversity is exemplary to the rest of the world.

The ambassador, who has lived for 17 years in Ethiopia, observed that even if there are many nations and nationalities in the country they never negotiate being Ethiopian over their ethnicity.

This is very important for the unity of the country in diversity.

” The Day observed reflects the unity of this country. All of us (the world) are Ethiopians and this day reflects our unity,”  Sahboun added.

Iran’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, S.A. Lakizadeh said on his part Ethiopia’s diversity is the other face of unity.

Noting that the exhibition provides the opportunity for visitors to see Ethiopia in full, Lakizadeh said he plans to visit the various parts of Ethiopia to further enjoy the interesting cultures of the nations and nationalities.

Speaking on the occasion, House of Federation Deputy Speaker Estegent Mengistu pointed out that Ethiopia is home to various cultures, languages, and religions.

She said the diversified cultures and languages in the country serve as bondage to unity, equality, peace and love, not causes of conflict.