Normal Life Returns to the City of Mekelle: Residents


Addis Ababa,December 4/2020( ENA) The city of Mekelle is at ease as life returns to normalcy after the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) took full control of the city, residents said. 

Last week, the Government of Ethiopia has announced that the national defense force took control of the city of Mekelle without harming civilians and heritage.

According to the residents, the TPLF clique has been spreading sham propaganda that “the national defense force has come to destroy the city.”

The residents are almost giddy with the unaccustomed degree of normalcy that has been emerging in their lives since TPLF junta was forced out of its last major stronghold in the city of Mekelle.

Small shops are opening and people are attending church services that inspire confidence for residents to out-rightly back to their usual businesses, which more symbolic of how normalcy has begun to unfold across the city of Mekelle.

Residents have also witnessed members of the national army sharing and supporting their ration packs to the needy residents of the city.

“The people were panic as there was sham misinformation in the minds of the people. I have seen members of the defense force distributing biscuits to the needy people that I witnessed in the city. Thus, they are helping us in different ways and peace is being maintained. We would like to thank the defense force for this,” said a young Mekelle resident told ENA.  

The city was now returning to normalcy and residents were returning to their normal activities, it was indicated.

“To be honest, when we heard the fighter jets coming, we were afraid but now we have peace and everything is normal,” another resident said.

The districts of the city have been working with the security forces to maintain peace in their localities, according to the residents.

“As you can see the situation is now peaceful. The people returned to their regular activities. Peace has restored in the city and there is a good activity so far. Jobs are open, and as you can see, we are going to church. Without peace, we would not be able to see what we are seeing now. There is better peace now than we expected.”