Peace Has reigned in Regional Capital of Tigray, Say Journalists


Addis Ababa December 3/2020 (ENA) Peace has reigned in Mekelle, the regional capital of Tigray, after the National Defense Force took control of the city last Saturday, journalists said.

A team of journalists that has been covering the law enforcement operation on the Raya Front has visited Mekelle city on Tuesday.

Though the usual day-to-day activity of residents seems limited due to the terror campaign propagated by the TPLF Junta, the city is absolutely calm, the journalists stated.

The team was also able to witness that the defense force caused no harm on civilians during the law enforcement operation to free Mekelle city from the plunderer TPLF Junta.

The residents of the city have also affirmed to the journalists that Mekelle is peaceful after it was captured by the defense force.

The inhabitants said, “We have proved that the propaganda orchestrated by the TPLF junta that ‘the defense force is ruthless and would kill us’ was all lies.”

However, the journalists pointed out that the residents of Mekelle have called on the defense force to take the necessary measures to prevent the rampant looting in the city.

They have also demanded the resumption of electric and telecom services and vowed to work with the defense force and the government to ensure peace and stability of the city.