Inhabitants of Shire Town in Tigray Region Pledge to Work Together with Interim Administration


Addis Ababa December 3/2020 (ENA) Residents of Shire city in Tigray Regional State have expressed their determination to work with the newly established interim administration to ensure peace in the town.

 The residents told ENA that various forms of atrocities and oppression have been perpetrated on them by the destructive TPLF group.

The junta confused many by claiming that “TPLF is the sole guarantor of their existence; and the people of Tigray would not exist without TPLF.”  

The inhabitants noted that the cruelest face of the group was exposed when it attacked the Northern Command of National Defense Force, which was the shield and development partner of the people of Tigray, on November 3, 2020 during the night.

One of the residents in Shire town, Melake Selam Gebrewahed Gerbamariam said killing fellow human beings and leaving their corpses to be eaten by wild animals is inhuman and condemnable.

“No one will listen to such a barbaric group when it claims that it is a representative of the people of Tigray,” he stated.

According to him, the people of Tigray and the army have been hand and glove for years. They are bonded in marriage and very close.

The other resident, Haji Mohammed Murhan Siraj said, “The people of Tigray are well aware that the defense forces are the children of the people, not invaders or enemies.”

 Members of the army are family of the people of Tigray who have shown their solidarity by fighting desert locusts and serving communities in many cases, he added.

“The TPLF has made it clear that it is the enemy of the people of Tigray by brutality attacking this force,” Haji Mohammed said, adding that “the group should be apprehended and held accountable.”

He noted that the establishment of an interim administration is therefore necessary to ensure peace and development in the region, residents indicated.

Other residents of the town have also pledged to work for peace and development of the town in cooperation with the interim administration.

The inhabitants stressed that the youth in particular have to take responsibility for peace and security of their town and the country.