Indonesian Media Briefed on Law Enforcement Operation in Tigray


Addis Ababa December 3/2020 (ENA) The Ethiopian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, has briefed four media outlets in Indonesia on the steps taken by the government to maintain law and order in Tigray Region. 

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Jakarta, Professor Admasu Tsegaye told the media outlets that the objective of the law enforcement operation in the region is to ensure the rule of law, uphold the constitution and sustain the country’s existence. 

The ambassador said the government was forced to enforce the law because the TPLF junta attacked the Northern Command and looted various weapons. 

According to him, the TPLF clique, which has ruled the country for 27 years, has been violating the country’s law and order as well as defying the federal government. 

Admasu explained to the media that the group had set up its own election commission outside the constitution and opposed the decision to extend the election due to COVID-19. 

The TPLF group has been working to destabilize the country by instigating conflicts in various parts of the country, killing many people, displacing citizens and destabilizing the country, he noted. 

Moreover, a TPLF-organized militia has recently carried out a massacre in Maikadra. 

Thus, the government has taken law enforcement measures to save the country and ensure the survival of the country.