Ethiopia, Israel Ties Unique Advantage to Further Enhance Cooperation: Ethiopia’s Ambassador Reta


Addis Ababa, December 2/2020(ENA)  The legacies of the historical and spiritual relationship and a permanent bond between Ethiopia and Israel offers a unique advantage to further enhance the friendship, economic ties and cooperation between the two countries, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Israel said.

The Embassy of Ethiopia to Israel celebrated its 30th anniversary of opening of the embassy in collaboration with the leading Israeli think tank, Institute for National Security Studies, on November 30,2020.

Speaking at the special virtual discussion, Ambassador Reta Alemu of Ethiopia said his country and Israel have unique historical and spiritual connections which started since the historical visit of Queen of Sheba to King Solomon.

According to him, political and economic changes have been gained from the reform under the leadership of PM Abiy Ahmed.

He noted that the successful completion of the recent law enforcement operation will pave the way for further consolidation of the developments gained thus far and bring peace and justice in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Reta reiterated the commitment and readiness of the Ethiopian government to further strengthen the historical ties, particularly in economic fields.

He appreciated the people and the Government of Israel for their continued friendship and partnership in various fields of collaboration such as the activities of the Israeli International Development Cooperation Agency, MASHAV, the Israeli fire fighters who went to Siemen Mountains, and the agricultural experts team that recently stayed in Ethiopia to support Ethiopia’s national endeavors to control locust infestation.

Deputy Director-General of the African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Ambassador Aliza Bin-Noun stressed that the 3,000 years of historical relations between the two countries is unique.

She added that the Israeli government is committed to consolidating the bilateral relations in mutually beneficial areas of cooperation, including in regional and global matters.

Among the other speakers at the conference was Belaynesh Zevadia, former Ambassador  of Israel to Ethiopia,  who shared her experience, it was learned.

CEO of Gigawatt Global and an Israeli who invested in Ethiopia, Yosef Abramowitz, revealed the investment  opportunities in Ethiopia with his presentation titled, “Economic ties and Investment opportunities.”