Residents of Humera Witnessed Traumatic Shock Caused by Mai-Kadra Atrocity


Addis Ababa December 1/2020 (ENA) Residents of Humera town and its environs have witnessed traumatic shock and upset following the atrocious massacre in the nearby Mai-Kadra. 

The residents told ENA that the massacre in the town of Mai-Kadra has exposed them to psychological distress and war time trauma.

But after the completion of the law enforcement operation by the national army, the town of Humera has returned to normalcy and tension began to ease in the town.

It is to be recalled that on 9th November 2020, hundreds of innocent civilians were massacred in Mai-Kadra in the raid by TPLF’s youth squad known as ‘Samri’.

Based on testimony gathered so far, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission estimated that at least 600 civilians were killed. The death toll could be higher still.

ENA Reporter observed those residents in Humera and the surrounding areas returning to their normal activities and carrying out their usual work.

Eyerus Birle, a young woman who selling coffee on the streets of Humera town said “now the area is peaceful, we are doing our job and the security forces have calmed us”.

She recalled that the situation in the town had been disturbing and shocking.

The atrocities that committed in Maikadra, which is in close proximity from Humera, have endangered lives of the residents and exposed to trauma, she said.

“Most of us were not sure if we would live in those days, we were terrified and scared,” she evoked the shock and distress following the atrocities in Mai-Kadra.

She stressed that once the Defense Force, the Amhara Special Forces and the militia have taken control of the area, “we live to tell the tale”.

“We were scared out of our wits when we were heard the atrocity. Now, we are very happy. All things are peaceful and stable,” she said.

Another resident of the town, Fasil Shiferaw said “I never expected the strain in the area to be resolved within short period of time by the government forces”.

“We are thrilled that Humera is now breezing peaceful air and many are returning to their works,” he added.

However, he indicated that the lack of efficient transportation has negatively affected trade and basic consumption in the town.

Mare Zewdu, who is a farmer living in the vicinity of Adi Remets town, told ENA reporter the anxiety and trauma caused by the atrocious massacre in Mai-Kadra had put the residents at risk.

Now, his friends and he back to the field for their farming activities as the situation is safe thanks to the National Defense Forces that set free the area from the TPLF junta.