TPLF Junta Plotted to Kill Reformist Leaders, PM Abiy Says


Addis Ababa, November 30/2020( ENA)Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed the secret mission of the TPLF junta that the group had plotted to assassinate the reformist leaders and abducted including the prime minister himself. 

Responding to queries from the parliamentarians, Prime Minister Abiy has been unfolding the challenging course of the national reform since its inception in 2018.

Abiy unveiled that the reformist leadership including the Prime Minister himself were under clear surveillance and siege of the TPLF clique to curtail the on-going inclusive reform in Ethiopia.    

The TPLF junta had made great efforts to exterminate, kidnap and intimidate the reformist leadership, he said, adding that “from the onset of the reform, an arrest warrant was issued for us. We were about to be arrested and killed.”

TPLF were said to have been maneuvering to install an individual that would give in to their demands and endorse their ambitions on the next appointed Prime Minister of the country.

The TPLF throughout its existence as a political party and also as a government body has been playing a negative political role domestically.

He recalled that the TPLF clique has been embroiled in 113 incidents of violence that have occurred in various parts of Ethiopia over the last two years.

However, the leadership has showed an extreme patience to take measure against the TPLF junta in order to introduce a new mutual narrative and nation building.

But now, Abiy said, the TPLF’s attack against the northern command post forced  the federal government to take law enforcement operation against the defiant clique.

During the session, members of the house condemned the TPLF’s attack on the Northern Command of the national army.