Nat’l Defense Force Controls Essential Parts of Mekelle: State of Emergency Spokesperson


Addis Ababa, November 28/2020 (ENA)The Ethiopian National Defense Force has controlled essential parts of Mekelle, State of Emergency Spokesperson Redwan Hussien said.

He wrote on his Facebook that the airport and several locations in Mekele, the regional capital of Tigray, are now under the control of National Defense Force.

Thousands of soldiers who had been subdued during the unwarranted attack waged against our Northern Command have just been freed, the spokesperson said, adding that those who died of injuries and of the dire condition they were kept in have been buried.

Redwan said “the major part of the operation is hence successfully completed.”

Furthermore, he stated that what remains is tackling sporadic shootings by the scattered remnants the militia and special forces within the city neighborhoods.

According to him, it has apparently been clear that the National Defense Force has taken maximum care to spare every town and city. “No strike has been carried out within town and cities.”

Instead the army had to make a wider detour to encircle towns and cut off the militia and special force of TPLF from its higher command so that its members could easily surrender or mingle with the community since most of them were conscripted under duress, he elaborated.

Likewise maximum care has been taken to save Mekele and its inhabitants, even though churches, schools and densely populated neighborhoods, were turned into armament stores and launching pads, Redwan revealed.

Moreover, he added that now that Mekele, by and large has fallen to the hands of NDF, humanitarian corridor will be open in all directions apart from access route which has already been created.

The major task that lies ahead, therefore, is to begin rebuilding Tigray, the spokesperson underscored.

The infrastructure destroyed by the fleeing TPLF militia needs quick attention even to transport humanitarian assistance and government will immediately begin rehabilitation work.