TPLF Junta Committed Grave Massacre in Maikadra: Federal Police


Addis Ababa, November 28/2020 (ENA) Federal Police disclosed today that a grave massacre was committed by the TPLF Junta in the town of Maikadra, located in western Tigray region. 

The massacre was premeditated and carefully coordinated to kill innocent people who were daily laborers in the area, Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Zelalem Mengstu revealed just upon his return from Maikadra.   

The massacre is a very horrific act committed on human kind, he added.

Such kinds of brutal actions had been committed in several parts of the country with the direct order of the TPLF junta, the deputy commissioner noted.    

According to him, the Federal Police Commission has been undertaking a wide range of investigations by forming a team in collaboration with the Attorney General, right after the attack orchestrated by the TPLF junta on the Northern Command of the National Defense Force.

The victims of Maikadra were massacred in an organized manner wherever they were found, including in their houses, by a group of youth called Samri, special forces and militia members that had received instructions from TPLF, Zelalem stated.

This has been confirmed by evidences obtained from the area, including survivors of the massacre, families of the victims and people from Tigray, he said.

The investigation team has continued its investigation, Zelalem stated, adding that works are underway to make the incident clear to the international community.

Mass graves of victims are still being found in several places, the deputy commissioner pointed out, noting that the magnitude of the massacre is much more beyond the report by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.