PM Abiy Declares Ethiopian Army Entered Mekelle City


Addis Ababa, November 28/2020( ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the Ethiopian National Defense Force has Entered Tigray’s regional capital Mekelle today. 

According to him, the people of Tigray have proved in practice that they are not with the greedy junta.

The people of Tigray have shown their love for their country and their respect for the national army in all areas of Tigray where the Ethiopian National Defense Force has been victorious, the premier stressed.

The people of Tigray, outside of few evil forces armed by the junta, did their best to support the defense force until they entered Mekelle, Abiy noted, adding that this hastened the victory of the army and the defeat of the junta.

Prime Minister Abiy underscored that the greedy junta is by no means fitting for the people of Tigray. “ The people of Tigray stood by the truth and opposed the evil intentions of the junta and provided similar support to the army from kebele to zone in the route to Mekelle.”

Therefore, “I would like to express my deepest gratitude for this,” he said.

Abiy noted that the junta destroyed health facilities, schools, bridges, roads, and offices in all the cities and its environs where it fled. In doing so the junta has proved to be an enemy.

The premier vowed: “I promise for the people of Tigray that we will do our best to quickly rebuild the infrastructure that the junta has destroyed and enable the people to return to peaceful living.”