Commission Transporting Humanitarian Assistance to Areas Freed from TPLF Junta


Addis Ababa, November 28/2020( ENA) The National Disaster Risk Management Commission told ENA that it has transported additional humanitarian assistance to areas liberated from the TPLF junta today.

The assistance is an extension of the initial supplies of food, medicine, clean water, and non-food items transported to areas under the control of the government forces to address the basic needs of displaced citizens since the beginning of the law enforcement operation in the region.

Disaster Risk Management Commission has further declared its readiness to provide food, shelter and other items for citizens to be repatriated from Sudan following the government’s law enforcement operation in Tigray Region.

Speaking to ENA, National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Mitiku Kassa said the relief assistance transported from Adama National Warehouse to displaced people in the state includes food and non-food items.

According to him, the commission has been providing humanitarian assistances for victims and  displaced people since the law enforcement operation began.

Mitiku pointed out that the people who were displaced in parts of the region are now returning back to their homes as most areas of the Tigray Regional State are liberated from the TPLF junta through the law enforcement operation.

As the need for humanitarian assistance has been increasing through time, the commission has also been working in collaboration with international organizations like UNICEF to provide relief assistance and rehabilitate civilians.

“The need for humanitarian assistance has been increasing because of the normalization of the situation and the return of the displaced people. We have, therefore, transported today huge amount of food and non-food items as additional humanitarian relief assistance from Adama National Warehouse in line with the information we obtained from the areas,” the commissioner explained.

The relief assistance will be distributed among the displaced people in Dansha, Baeker, Adiremetse, Qafta and Maikadra areas of region.

The commissioner disclosed that there are more than 24,000 displaced people in the areas.

He further stated that preparations have been underway to reconstruct infrastructures, particularly health centers destroyed by the TPLF group.

Mitiku said “health centers are not functioning as the institutions were looted. Therefore,  immediate restoration of health service provision is necessary as maternal mothers and children are found in severe condition. Hence, furnishing health facilities and pharmaceuticals to make them operational is a priority.”

The commissioner revealed that Incident Command Post has been facilitating the provision of humanitarian assistance and the rehabilitation process.

The command post comprises National Disaster Risk Management Commission; Ministry of Peace; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Transport; Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy; Ministry of Women, Children and Youth; Ministry of Trade and Industry; and Ministry of Agriculture.