TPLF Weapons Hidden in Premises of Church Discovered


November 28/2020( ENA) Weapons hidden by the TPLF junta in the premises of a church in Wajerat Woreda of Tigray Regional State have been discovered. 

Residents of the area disclosed that services at St. Michael Mofqa Church have been disrupted since November 16, 2020, following the attack of the TPLF junta on the army using heavy weapons from inside the premises of the church.

The church found in Adi Mesno Kebelle has not yet started providing services, it was learned.

The junta militia had told the persons serving the church to sell the bullet boxes as compensation, thus  showing their disrespect for their belief.

The TPLF has damaged the premises of the church by using them as launching pads for firing BM multiple rocket launcher and other heavy weapons, they elaborated.

As a result, church services have been disrupted for a long time as the church turned into a temporary battle zone.

The people in the locality expressed their outrage at the TPLF’s actions saying the junta’s purpose was to get the inhabitants bombarded so that they would react hostilely towards the defense force, the residents revealed.

As churches are holy places where “His blood” are served, opening gun fire and changing the holy place into a weapon depot is totally outrageous, they further noted.   

A reporter of Ethiopian News Agency who visited the scene witnessed the damaged church building and bullets of BM and cannons stashed away in the church.

Recently, Director-General of the FDRE Defense Force Indoctrination Major General Mohammad Tessema said the TPLF clique has been undertaking preparations to repeat the massacre it committed in Mai-kadra in the regional capital Mekele.

The group is also carrying out a special operation by some of its fighters disguised as members of the Eritrean military wearing uniforms it prepared at the Almeda Textile factory located in the region.

The extremist group is hoping to smear the law enforcement operation in the eyes of the international community by alleging that Ethiopian and Eritrean forces massacre innocent civilians, it was learned.