Adi Remetse, Kafta Humera Towns Return to Normalcy


November 28/2020( ENA) Residents of Adi Remtse and Kafta Humera said they have started normal activities after the government freed the areas from the control of the TPLF junta.

According to a reporter of the Ethiopian News Agency who had been in the towns, residents are carrying out their day-to-day activities as usual. 

Hotels, restaurants and transportation services as well as shops are conducting their regular  activities.

The inhabitants of Adi Remetse town, Worku Ademe and Yirga Nega said things have returned  to normalcy and religious fathers and elders are contributing their share to bring about lasting peace.

“Now, things are very peaceful. Initially, there were problems; but currently every one seems to have entered into their routine as peace has reigned.”

Interim Administration Chairman of Adi Remetse, Abay Mamaye said the administration is engaged in pacifying the town.

“We are doing our best to stabilize the town. The militia and community are working jointly to secure peace in the area. I believe that we are doing a good job.”  

The militia and the inhabitants are working together very closely to ensure peace, he added. 

The residents of Kafta Humera town, Sefihun Abebe and Misbah Alekachew on their part called for the resumption of government services particularly banking, electricity, water, and health services.

“Banks, water and hospital services, including schools, have not yet started work. We want them to start giving services as soon as possible.”

Towns freed from the TPLF in the West Front are returning to normalcy, it was learned.