Areas Freed from TPLF Return to Normalcy


Addis Ababa November 27/2020 (ENA) Places where the TPLF junta attacked first have now returned to normalcy following the ouster of the destructive group, residents of the respective towns told journalists who visited the liberated areas.

Ketema Nigus is one of the towns freed from the TPLF junta within few days after the horrific attack on the northern command.

The residents told journalists that they faced challenges due to lack of  public services such as health and others.

At present, they said things are returning back to normal as the services are being provided, including the crucial health service.

According to Enkoye Biadgilgn, one of the residents of Ketema Nigu, the restoration of the town’s hospital is crucial for mothers and children who seek delivery services and  vaccination.

The hairdresser Demoz Lemlem said business has started despite the disruptions for a few days.

The other residents also witnessed that everyone is carrying out their respective duties since the town is peaceful.