Damaging Infrastructures Attests to Anti-People Nature of TPLF: Tigrayan Residents in Kombolcha


Addis Ababa November 27/2020 (ENA)  Tigrayans living in Kombolcha town of South Wollo Zone said the destruction carried out by TPLF on infrastructures built with high cost has proved that it could not care less for the people of Tigray. 

Gebremedhin Mebrahtu, one of the Tigrayans, told ENA that TPLF is a group that has been on a  destructive mission since its establishment.

The group has been working for the destruction of sovereign Ethiopia even by collaborating  with foreign enemies for a long time, he stated, adding that it had also been arresting, flogging, killing, and mutilating those who opposed it. 

“I was, for instance, forced to leave the region with my five brothers for not supporting the TPLF. As a result we were forced to abandon our mother and disperse.”

The group was so vindictive, it confiscated our garden and gave it to its supporters leaving our mother in a difficult situation, he elaborated.

Gebremedhin called on the interim government to establish a government structure that brings about stability and development to the people. 

The Tigrayan inhabitants of Kombolcha town said they will stand alongside the government and the Ethiopian people by providing the necessary support so that the freedom of the Tigray people could be ensured.

Another resident of the town and a Tigrayan, Mengistu Tsegaye said people of Tigrayan origin have been living in harmony with other ethnic groups in all corners of  the country.

“However, the extremist TPLF had been trying to separate us from our brothers by falsely portraying that we were beneficiaries when it was in power. The clique was in fact the sole beneficiary of the system,” he noted.

Expanding its oppressive and inhuman rule in the region, the group was deploying destructive agents in the other regional states, according to Mengistu.

The people of Tigray and TPLF are different, he noted, adding that its demolition of infrastructures built  with huge resources attests to this fact.