Alamata Residents Backing Home as the Town Freed from Tyranny TPLF


Addis Ababa November 27/2020 (ENA)  Residents of Alamata town and environs that had been persecuted by TPLF for supporting the reform in the country are coming back to their homes after the town returned to normalcy.

The TPLF junta, which vowed the reform that was embraced by all Ethiopians “would never reach Tigray” closed its doors and consolidated its suppressive rule, the inhabitants said.

The town of Alamata returned to normalcy as the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has taken control most parts of Tigray.

The junta forced those who were ready to engage in the process and support the reform by the new leadership to flee from their residences.

According to the witnesses from Alamata town, the TPLF carried penalty on the residents ranged from detention to torture or death.

The residents who have fled from persecution during the last two years are now backing home, following the law enforcement operation in Tigray.

The returnees who talked to ENA said they are backing home appreciating the law enforcement operation mainly led by the National Defense Forces and other security forces including the Amhara special forces and militia.

According to the returnees, supporting the national reform which was initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been taken as a crime by the TPLF clique who caused them to be displaced from their home for the last couple of years.

Last week, the law enforcement operation has been ensured in Alamata and its environs by liquidating the TPLF junta, it was indicated.

The returnees affirmed that they will stand together with the government in the efforts to realize law enforcement operation in Tigray.

They also pledged to collaborate with the national defense and security forces to sustain peace and stability in Alamata and its surroundings.