Sister of High-ranking TPLF Junta Member Urges Leaders to Surrender


Addis Ababa November 25/2020 (ENA) A sister of the high-ranking leader and spokesperson of the TPLF, Getachew Reda, has urged leaders of the junta to surrender as per the ultimatum issued by the Government of Ethiopia in order to spare the people of Tigray. 

Senior Constable Tigist Reda told ENA that leaders of the TPLF junta are dragging the youth in Tigray Region into a war to fulfill their personal lust for power disregarding the wellbeing of the people.    

She also strongly condemned the “preemptive strike” orchestrated by the TPLF junta on the Ethiopian Defense Force Northern Command, urging the government to intensify the ongoing law enforcement operation to crackdown on the perpetrators.

“We don’t want our defense force to be dismantled as it is a symbol of the country that represents all the people of Ethiopia irrespective of ethnic and gender differences,” Senior Constable Tigist noted.  

Senior Constable Tigist stated that she spent her childhood fighting for justice and democracy in Ethiopia under the former Ethiopian People Democratic Movement (EPDM).

“Although I am Getachew’s sister, political outlook has nothing to do with kinship; and now I am a police officer who vowed to serve the people and protect the nation.”

Tigist told ENA that she is ashamed of her brother who is one of the ring leaders of the TPLF junta, adding that she spent her childhood struggling for the unity of the country.

She further urged leaders of the TPLF to take a wise measure by surrendering peacefully within the ultimatum given by the government for the second time.   

Senior Constable expressed her hope that the TPLF leaders, including her brother Getachew Reda, will face justice.