FM Demeke Briefs EU Ambassadors on Operation in Tigray


Addis Ababa November 21/2020 (ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonnen briefed European Union (EU) Ambassadors based in Addis Ababa on Friday on the law enforcement operation being underway in Tigray.

In his briefing, Demeke spoke at length about the government’s crackdown on the TPLF junta in the Tigray region and the causes, contents, and objectives of the operation.

He said the operation aimed at restoring law and order in the region and bringing the TPLF criminals, who attacked the Northern Command of Ethiopian National Defense Force, to justice.

The campaign differentiates the TPLF junta from the people of Tigray and will meet its objectives without endangering public safety, the minister stated.

“It is wrong to see the people of Tigray and the TPLF junta as one and it is irresponsible for the TPLF to use the people of Tigray as human shield,”  Demeke said.

According to  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU Ambassadors on their part said they understand the Ethiopian government’s ongoing efforts to maintain law and order.

They have also expressed their concerns over the government’s efforts to repatriate refugees and how neighboring countries understand the government’s operation in Tigray.

Demeke finally elaborated on the government’s efforts to rehabilitate displaced people and appreciated the full support of neighboring countries in understanding the federal government’s sovereign right to deal with its internal affairs.