News Claiming AU Chairperson Envoys to Mediate Ethiopia Gov’t, TPLF False


Addis Ababa November 21/2020 (ENA)  The envoys of the African Union Chairperson visit to Ethiopia has nothing to do with mediation, State of Emergency Fact Check announced. 

It confirmed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will receive and hold a one on one discussion with envoys of the AU Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa, however, it has nothing to do with the law enforcement operation that Ethiopia is carrying out in Tigray region.

It dismissed news reports claiming that the visit is aimed to negotiate the Federal Government and the TPLF junta saying “news circulating that the envoys will be traveling to Ethiopia to meditate between the federal government and TPLF’s criminal elements is fake.”

The Emergency Fact Check affirmed that the government of Ethiopia’s stance about negotiation with the TPLF junta has not changed.