Military Attachés Residing in Ethiopia Briefed on Current Situation in Tigray


Addis Ababa November 19/2020 (ENA) Defense Minister Kene’a Yadeta and senior officials have briefed military attachés residing in Ethiopia on the current situation in the country and the law enforcement operation in Tigray.

Defense Minister Kene’a Yadeta, Lieutenant-General Asrat Denero, and Brigadier-General Bulti Tadesse gave the briefings today.

The minister said the TPLF junta has been committing crime against humanity over the past two decades.

Instigating ethnic conflicts and massacre as well as internal displacement are among the serious crimes TPLF has committed, he added.

In spite of this, the government has tolerated the group for a long period of time in order to resolve the differences peacefully, the minster said, adding that the junta was not however willing to resolve differences through dialogue and discussion.

Not only this, the extremist group recently attacked the Northern Command base of the National Defense Force and killed members of the army who never expected volleys of fire from their compatriots.

“This attack was really against Ethiopia and its people, not an attack on any specific group,” Kene’a noted.

Following the attack, the federal government was forced to undertake a law enforcement operation to bring the junta to justice, he underlined.

Military Attaché Association (MAA) Dean, Senior Colonel Mamane Souley said the association is following the military situation in the northern part of Ethiopia with deep concern.

“In this particular situation, the association would like to ensure Ethiopian military and national defense officials its permanent commitment to Ethiopia and wish to bring all kind of support which will lead the country towards the achievement of its objectives,” he added.

The MAA needs the right information from the right sources, and most importantly what the military attachés can do to help.

Senior Colonel Mamane Souley said “from today we have a clear picture of the situation and would like to emphasize that we are part of you.”