Youth Urged to Build Nat’l Unity, Realize Dev’t through Peaceful, Democratic Struggle


Addis Ababa November 19/2020 (ENA) Peaceful and democratic struggle of the youth is crucial to build national unity and realize development endeavors, House of Federation Speaker Adam Farah said.

A day-long training on the role of youth to national unity was given today to regional leaders drawn from all parts of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Adam Farah said the youth need to know about the constitution and the federal system so that they can contribute to the wellbeing of the country.

Even if the youth have many questions in relation to politics, economic and social affairs, they  must present them only peacefully, he added.

Pursuing peaceful struggle in order to get appropriate response from the relevant government institutions is crucial, the speaker stressed.

The training was organized in connection with Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day to be celebrated at the beginning of December.

Activities that enhance awareness of the community in the federal system would be organized, it was learned.

In addition to promoting the cultures of individual nations, nationalities and peoples during the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day, attention will be given to strengthening ties and national unity among the diverse nationalities.

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Advisor at the Office of the Prime Minister, Lencho Bati said on his part the contribution of the youth is huge when guided in a proper way.

He added that the youth always ask for their rights and benefits, which  need to be addressed   critically while they must be shaped by a dynamic environment.   

According to the advisor, the government is ready to support the youth and prioritize the  strengthening of the capacity of institutions that serve the youth.