China, France Have Clearly Understood Aim of Law Enforcement Operation in Tigray: Ethiopian Ambassadors


Addis Ababa November 18/2020 (ENA)The governments of China and France clearly understand that the ongoing campaign in Tigray Regional State is a law enforcement operation and an internal affair, Ethiopia’s ambassadors in the countries said.

Speaking to ENA, the ambassadors said the governments of China and France have taken clear positions realizing that the operation is aimed at enforcing rule of law in the region.

The federal government launched a law enforcement operation following the attack of TPLF junta on the Northern Command of Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF).

Ambassadors of Ethiopia to China and France have told ENA about the activities they have been undertaken to explain the operation in Tigray Regional State.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga said the embassy has set up a temporary task force to explain about the ongoing law enforcement operation.

Briefings have accordingly being given to Chinese government officials, investors, East Africans living in China and the Ethiopian Diaspora and students living in China, he added. 

The Chinese government has clearly understood that the measure is meant to enforce rule of law and there is no need of a third party intervention.

He also said China hopes the law enforcement operation will last within a short period.

Chinese investors in Ethiopia have been assured that their employees and infrastructures are being protected and the operation targets selected places, Ambassador Teshome stated.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to France, Spain and Portugal, Henok Tefera said on his part that the French Foreign Ministry, members of the parliament and other executive bodies have been briefed on the recent law enforcement operation.

Also were briefed international organizations and the media in France as well as Ethiopians living in the countries.

As a result, the French government has clearly realized the content and purpose of the operation as well as the efforts of the TPLF to internationalize the conflict.