State of Emergency Inquiry Board Begins Work


Addis Ababa November 17/2020  (ENA) The State of Emergency Inquiry Board which was established to look into the state of emergency declared on Tigray Regional State to enforce law and order in the region has officially started functioning today.

In his briefing to the media, Board Chairperson Lemma Tesemma said the board has been working to meet logistics and human resources as well collaborations with partners since its establishment less than fortnight ago.

According to him, members of the board have also prepared action plan to lead the overall activities of the emergency and approved code of conduct.

Based on the recommendations of the task force, the scope for the inquiry board may be extended to areas where human rights violation are reported.

Article 93/6 of the Constitution stipulates that the State of Emergency Inquiry Board shall have powers and responsibilities to make public within one month the names of all individuals arrested on account of the state of emergency together with the reasons for their arrest.

It is also tasked to inspect and follow up that no measure taken during the state of emergency is inhumane and recommend to the Prime Minister or to the Council of Ministers corrective measures if it finds any case of inhumane treatment.

In addition, the board is mandated to ensure the prosecution of perpetrators of inhumane acts as well as submit its views to the House of People’s Representatives on a request to extend the duration of the state of emergency.

It is to be recalled that the Council of Ministers decreed a state of emergency on Tigray Regional State early in November in accordance with Article 93 (1) of the Constitution.