Corporation Dismisses TPLF’s Claim about Wolkait Sugar Factory Bombing


Addis Ababa November 16/2020 (ENA) The National Sugar Corporation on Sunday said that TPLF’s claim about an airstrike on Wolkayit Sugar Factory is false. 

It was to be recalled that the leader of the TPLF junta, Debretsion Gebremichael on Saturday falsely claimed that the air force has bombed the factory.

Deputy CEO of the Corporation, Abreham Demisie told ENA that “there was no airstrike on the factory”, which is owned and administered by the corporation.

Abreham said the anecdotal claim is part of TPLF’s desperate propaganda.

The construction of the Wolkait Sugar Factory was started in 2018, expecting to produce over 4.8 million quintal of sugar and more than 41.6 liters of ethanol.

The Deputy CEO said the ruling body at that time ignored the problems indicated on the feasibility study and ordered that the project should be implemented.

According to Abreham, unfavorable water condition for the development of sugarcane plantation and errors related to its design were among the problems.

These situations have led to the delay of the project, Abreham added.

However, according to Abreham, 92 percent the first and 88 percent of the second phase of the construction has completed.