Gov`t Dismisses Allegation of Bombing Tekeze Dam


Addis Ababa November 15/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has rebutted TPLF’s false allegation of bombing Tekeze Dam and its subsequent power cut off. 

Communication Director at EEP, Moges Mekonen told ENA that the TPLF junta through its leader Debretsion Gebremikael has been disseminated baseless accusation for using it as a cover up for its planned attack conducted over the members of federal police while on duty.  

TPLF’s attack targeted members of the federal police, who were on duty to safeguard the dam, the junta damaged the switch of the dam`s power transition, the director stated.

Despite all the disinformation being disseminating by the TPLF propagandists, no more damage apart from their own attack on the power transition switch, he affirmed.

Accordingly, the dam which has 9.3 billion cubic liters of water is well functioning with its natural flow despite all of the junta’s false accusation.

For the sake of its fictional propaganda, the extreme TPLF group is using pictures taken while the dam was in its construction stage, he pointed out.

All the latest trends and false claims of the TPLF junta might show only its plan to attack the dam on the flip side, he underlined.

The Tekeze dam which has 175 meters of height has the capacity to generate 300 mega watts of electricity.