Artists Task Force to Launch Events that Support Nat’l Defense Force


Addis Ababa, November 14/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Artists Task force announced that it has finalized preparations to play its responsibility of supporting the National Defense Force law enforcement operation underway in Tigray Region through various events.

Briefing journalists today, Ethiopian Artists Task force Chairperson Tesfaye Mamo said the task force has finalized preparations to organize national programs honoring the National Defense Force that has been making sacrifices for the enforcement of rule of law in the region.

The programs include fund raising concerts, dining of soldiers and captives at the war front, and organizing a day of honor for the National Defense Force, he added.

According to him, next Tuesday will be a day of honoring the National Defense Force.

The chairperson called on all Ethiopians in the world to express their honor and support for the defense force by saying aloud the slogan: “I Stand for the Honor of the National Defense Force” for one minute at 11:30 AM.

Member of Ethiopian Artists Task force, Debebe Eshetu said on his part the role of artists in supporting the National Defense Force with their arts is of paramount significance.

In the history of Ethiopia, artists have been playing significant role in the effort to safeguarding the sovereignty of Ethiopia by supporting the national defense force with their art, he added.

He stated that artists have to condemn the treasonous TPLF junta and support members of the National Defense Force.  

Commending the National Defense Force for its heroic acts to enforce rule of law in the region and ensure the unity of the nation by foiling the plot of TPLF, Debebe pointed out that they will play their professional responsibility in the effort to enforce rule of law.