World Meteorology Agency for Africa to Move to Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa July 11/2018 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and World Meteorology Agency have inked today an agreement that would enable the latter to move the World Methodology Agency for Africa to Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia was selected after contesting with six African countries, it was learned.

During the signing ceremony, World Meteorology Agency Secretary-General Petteri Talas said opening a regional office would play an important role for the economic development of Ethiopia and Africa so long as agriculture is the key player in their economy.

It would also play a big role in fighting drought, he added

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Professor Afework Kassahun said Ethiopian Space Science and Meteorology agencies would directly benefit from the regional office since there will be opportunity for experience exchange.

World Methodology Agency for Africa was based in Burundi and moved to Geneva since Burundi became engulfed with civil war.