Political Parties Commend HPR Decision to Lift Immunity of 39 Members


Addis Ababa November 3/2020 Representatives of political parties have commended the resolution to lift the immunity of some members of the House of People’s and Representatives (HPR) today.

The House of People’s Representatives has lifted today the immunity of 39 members of the House, including DebreTsion Gebremichael, President of Tigray Regional State, among others.

Speaking at a panel discussion organized by Ethiopian News Agency, representatives of  Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice, Prosperity Party, and Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) said the decision to lift the immunity of the criminals accused of treason and terrorism was laudable, though long overdue.

According to the representatives, the TPLF junta to which most of the criminals belong is a threat to peace and security of the entire East Africa region unless it is brought to justice swiftly.

Prosperity Party Oromia Branch Public Relations Head Taye Dendea said the decision would enable to prosecute the illegal group and held it accountable to the terroristic and treasonous acts it committed.

TPLF, which ruled the country for 27 years has not only put in place a divisive narrative among the Ethiopian people and destroyed institutions but also amassed wealth abroad, Taye noted.

And the last straw was the sickening attack against the Northern Command, which is a betrayal of the nation and its entire people, he elaborated.

“The main purpose of this attack was to dismantle the country’s defense force, which is the last shield of the constitution and the people; and leave Ethiopians without defender,” Taye underscored.

He called on the international community to support the ongoing law enforcement measure as the errant group should be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Noting the appropriateness of lifting of the immunity of the suspected members of the extremist group TPLF, Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Chairman Yeshiwas Assefa  said the current law enforcement effort has to be strengthened to bring the illegal group to justice and nurture a lasting solution in Ethiopia.

He strongly condemned the attack on the national defense force and stressed that it was an attempt to obstruct the establishment of a strong government that establishes genuine federalism and dismantle the country’s defense  force. 

Tigray Democratic Party Chairperson Aregawi Berhe said on his part he is encouraged by the  decision  of the House to lift their immunity and condemned the atrocities committed by TPLF against the Ethiopian people for the last 27 years.

In addition to the crimes mentioned by the House, Aregawi noted that TPLF had committed genocide by starving millions of Tigriyans and blocking emergency aid.