Commission Holds Consultation to Amend Environmental Impact Assessment Law


Addis Ababa November 12/2020 (ENA) A consultative discussion that aims to amend the “Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation” was held by stakeholders today.

Opening the discussion, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commissioner Fekadu Beyene said the draft amendment will solve the gaps and limitations of the proclamation for sustainable environmental development.

He stated that the existing proclamation has limitations in terms of responsive environmental impact assessment implementation follow up by the regional and federal governments.

Limited citizens’ awareness, engagement, access to information and public participation while assessing the environmental impacts of certain projects are among the others limitations, he added.

The draft amendment assesses the gaps in the proclamation and organizational arrangements.

According to the commissioner, the amendment will help develop a system that controls licensing of environmental impact assessors.

Commission Policy, Land and Standards Research and Development Director-General Ayele Hegena said the amendment includes mandates that have been delegated to other organizations with mistaken justifications, including lack of capacity to review all cases of environmental impact assessments on the part of the commission.

If approved, the amendment will end the environmental impact assessment review mandate delegated to six organization, namely Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, and Ministry of Water, Energy and Irrigation, he pointed out.

Representatives from the six ministries have attended the half-day discussion to enrich the amendment.