Protest Demonstrations against TPLF Underway across Nation


Addis Ababa November 12/2020 (ENA) Protest demonstrations against the “greedy” Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) clique and support for the National Defense Force have been held in various part of the country today. 

The demonstrations took place in the Semera and Logia towns of Afar Regional State; Jimma, Agaro, Buno Bedele, Ghimbi, Goro Dola towns, Harerge and Arsi Zone Woredas of Oromia Regional State, Jigjiga of Somalia Regional State; and Hawassa of Sidama Regional State, among others.

Elders, religious fathers and heads of regional state took part in the demonstration where  the public held slogans to show their support for the government’s action against the treasonous group.

Condemning TPLF’s attack on Ethiopian National Defense Force, they extended their appreciation for the army in foiling the plot of the junta to dismantle the country.

They further affirmed their resolve to stand along side the Ethiopian National Defense Force that strives to ensure peace and stability of the nation.

Attacking on the National Defense Force that stands for the sovereignty of the nation and safeguarding the public is unacceptable by all measures, they noted, deploring the tyranny that had been perpetuated by TPLF on the people of Ethiopia.

More demonstrations are expected to be held in many parts of the country in support of the move by the government and against the barbaric clique.  

At present, the National Defense Force is carrying out series of operations against TPLF to ensure the prevalence of rule of law and bring to justice the errant group that stabbed on the back the National Defense Force (ENDF) stationed at the region.