Northern Command Breaks Five Days Siege, Now on the Offensive: Chief of Staff


Addis Ababa November 11/2020 (ENA)The Northern Command which had been under siege for five days by TPLF is now attacking the group on all fronts and recapturing many places, Chief of Staff General Birhanu Jula said. 

General Birhanu stated that the 7th Mechanized, 8th Mechanized, 23rd Battalion, 11th Battalion, 31st Battalion, 20th Battalion, 4th Mechanized, and 5th Mechanized have now managed to break the siege and regrouped to launch attacks on different fronts.

“On behalf of myself and the people of Ethiopia, I would like to thank these  members of the army for being a model of our heroic defense force and their persistent battle though deprived of food and water for four or five days,” he pointed out.

Reminding the heroism of the army and noting that this battle will be always remembered, he praised the army adding  “I would like to extend my profound appreciation to you for proving that you are a true Ethiopian army.”

He also conveyed a message of “congratulations” to the leadership and members of the army who came from the east, south and west commands in order to rescue the northern command.  

Pointing out that the rest of the army’s mission is minor compared to what has been done so  far, General Berhanu expressed confidence that the rest of the mission would be completed soon.

Over the past two to three days, the army has moved out of the siege and reorganized itself and captured areas from Dansha, Humera Airport to Baeker.

Furthermore, the Chief of Staff stated that Humera, Lugdi, Maikadran, Bereket and Sheraro were liberated with the collaboration of 5th Mechanized Division that came out of the siege.  

The army is currently clearing the area 60 kilometers east of Humera, he said, adding that “the army is outraged by the inhumane treatment of the enemy and is working hard with courage, bravery and motivation to restore order and bring the traitor group to justice.”

General Brhanu elaborated that the army is moving towards Shire to liberate the rest people of Tigray and security forces.

“Since the illegal junta uses the people and the security forces as human shield, the operation focuses on separating the people and security forces from the criminal group,” he said, adding that efforts are underway to complete the law enforcement within a short period of time.

The defense force is taking precautionary measures to ensure that the people are not harmed in their efforts to bring the TPLF junta to justice, according to the chief staff.