TPLF Kidnapped Many Inhabitants:Residents of Liberated Dansha Town


Addis Ababa November 11/2020 (ENA) Dwellers of Dansha town recently freed from the TPLF junta disclosed that the group has kidnapped many inhabitants of the town whose whereabouts is not yet known. 

Residents of the town and surroundings have been expressing their happiness after the area was freed from the TPLF extremist group.

Shops, hotels and health institutions are open and everything is now normal in town.

They noted that they have been facing gross human rights violation even before the treasonous group attacked the Northern Command, provoking the national army to retaliate.

The inhabitants told Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) they were unable to express their feelings even at weddings and mourning.

Individuals who demanded their rights faced jail sentence, flogging and execution, according to the residents.

The arrogant group oppressed the people instead of bringing peace and development to the region.

The residents stressed that they would stand along the government and the army in the measures they take.

They further called on Ethiopians to continue their unwavering support to the national army in their effort to wipe out the extremist group.