Transitional Administration to Set up in Rescued Areas of Tigray: Defense Minister


Addis Ababa November 11/2020 (ENA) Transitional administration will be formed in parts of the Tigray Regional State that have been set free from the extremist group of TPLF, Defense Minister Kenea Yadeta said.

Defense Minister Kenea Yadeta today gave a presser on the measure being taken by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) against the tyranny TPLF clique.

The group is spreading misinformation to smear the law enforcement operation as a war against the people of Tigray, neighboring region’s interest for territorial expansion, undermining its criminal act of subversion and by claiming the defense force attacking civilians and infrastructure, he stated.

Noting that the public has to understand all those are fabrication, the Minister urged those who spread misinformation to refrain from doing so.

Kenea stressed that ENDF has all the capability to execute law enforcement operations without any support from foreign forces.

Creating misinformation is the innate characteristics of the group, he said, and added that the inhuman actions it did against the Northern Command depict the extreme hatred and damage of the group.

Thus, the Minister noted that the defense force will bring the criminal junta to justice in no time.

Furthermore, Minister Kenea stated that the issue of rescued areas of the Tigray Regional State and captured fighters is being led by a national committee.

Launching of transitional administration to safeguard the people’s security will be undertaken in accordance to the House of Federations resolution on establishing, he added.

According to him, trainings will be provided to the communities in order to protect their surrounding and pursue their usual life.

He urged the Tigray Special Forces and militias to surrender or fight against the extremist group and hand it over.