Science, Innovation Day Celebrated Here


Addis Ababa, November 10/2020 (ENA) Science and Innovation Day was celebrated here today with different events that highlight the significant role of science in society.

A fair and exhibition was held alongside the science and innovation day under the theme “national  fair for peace and development.” 

Works of students were awarded for their innovations displayed at the exhibition in the presence of Science and Technology State Minister Afework Kasu, Education State Minister Gremew Huluka, and Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Raphal Morav and other government officials.

State Minister of Education Dr. Geremew Huluka told journalists during the event that the government has changed the curriculum to encourage science and innovation in schools starting from the lower classes.

“The education system at present highly encourages science and innovation starting from the bottom; and through this we can establish and find many scientists in every child that can help our day to day life in a scientific way,” he stated.

STEMpower Country Director, Kidist Gebreamlak also said encouraging students starting from lower class to improve their scientific knowledge is the basic to help the country to have more scientists.

STEMpower  is one of the nonprofit private partners based in the USA that is working with the Ministry of Education to support students to improve their scientific studies and innovation by establishing technical laboratories in Ethiopia.

“Our organization is with the government to play its role; so we have established about 43 scientific laboratories in the country that the students can make their scientific studies,” she added.

The country director further said that the organization has been awarding innovative students by organizing scientific fair and exhibition every year.