All Round Youth Engagement Critical to Achieve Ongoing Reform: MoWCY State Minister


Addis Ababa, November 10/2020 (ENA) A half-day workshop organized in connection with “Africa Youth Month” held in the month of November every year to increase the participation of the youth in all sectors was held today.

Speaking on the occasion, Women, Children and Youth (MoWCY) State Minister Hiwot Hailu said  engaging the youth in diverse sectors is crucial to achieve the ongoing reforms and development goals of the country.  

As the youth are the majority in  the society, increasing the engagement of the youth will help   to exploit their energy, skill, knowledge and intelligence for socio-economic and political development of the country, she added.

The state minister urged stakeholders to ensure the participation and engagement of the youth for the overall development of the country.

Noting that her ministry has been working hard to empower youth engagement at all levels, Hiwot called on the youth to refrain from being manipulated by anti-peace forces.

Ethiopian Youth Federation Vice President Tsigereda Zewdu said the youth plays paramount role in nation building and socio-economic development of the country. The engagement of the youth need to be empowered through enhancing youth organizations.

Pointing out the societal and economical problems the youth are facing, she added that the federation is working to solve these problems by implementing a 10-year development plan.

Youth Advocate Expert at British Council, Abiy Hailemelekot emphasized on his part the importance of meaningful engagement of the youth in peace process, security, and environmental issues.

He suggested the need for enhancing and promoting youth focused media and publications, seats for young people on governance boards, budget support for the implementation of youth activities, establishment of youth councils, and reserved seats for youth representatives at different levels of legislative bodies of the country.

The expert further recommended that policy makers recognize the value of youth work practice, while the youth sector work force staff and volunteers improve competence and confidence to act professionally.