TPLF Plotting Smear Claims for Civilian Attacks


Addis Ababa, November 10/2020(ENA) The defiant Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has plotted to put its forces on civilian outfit to smear the federal government for attacking civilians, credible sources told ENA.

According to the sources, the defiant group is preparing to deploy its forces to front lines without military uniform so as claim that the Ethiopian Defense Force attack civilians.

By forcing its militants to fight without a military uniform, the group is striving to defame the Ethiopian Defense Force, claiming it is attacking innocent civilians.

The group is working to present the casualty on its forces as a civilian attack and misinform the foreign media outlets residing in Ethiopia.

It is to be recalled that top leader of the Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Mulubirhan Haile told ENA that the TPLF group will not hesitate to attack innocent Ethiopians.

According to him, the junta group of TPLF may conspire to harm the people of Tigray for political advantage.

Furthermore, Mulubirhan pointed out that the group could attack heritage sites, religious institutions, and other places and accuse other for the attack.

TPLF is known for its conspiracy from the very outset whereby it has no leniency to take measures against its own partners, Mulubirhan reminded.