New Airbuses Critical to Exploit Opportunities: Ethiopian CEO Tewolde


Addis Ababa November 9/2020 (ENA) The two new Airbus A350-900 aircraft are crucial to exploit the new opportunities emerging in Africa amid COVID-19, Ethiopian Group CEO Tewolde Gebremariam said today. 

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the CEO said Ethiopian received the two new Airbus that clearly demonstrate its strong foundation and long-term vision despite COVID-19.

Stressing the big role Ethiopian has been playing since the outbreak the pandemic,

Tewolde said the airline has been engaged in saving lives and providing emergency services as well as transporting protective equipment across the world.

Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, Canada, U.S., Brazil and Argentina were among the countries which benefitted from Ethiopian’s magnificent service since the emergence of COVID-19, the CEO noted.

The secret of the success of the airline is its “flexibility and agility to take immediate action to analyze problems and set solutions,” Tewolde revealed.

Citing the competitive advantage of the additional A350-900, the CEO said “there are new opportunities in Africa following the recent COVID-19 induced crises of various airways, including South Africa, Kenya and others. So if we are ready, we can exploit it timely.”

According to him, the new design will attract more passengers and create confidence among customers, among others.

Reports in the industry state that many airlines have been down-sizing their operations while Ethiopian is adding new aircraft and expanding operation.

Ethiopian Airlines received two of the 10 new Airbus A350-900 it ordered in 2017 last Saturday, bringing the total number of its Airbus fleet to 16.