House Approves State of Emergency Declared on Tigray Regional State


Addis Ababa, November 5/2020(ENA)  The House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) today approved the state of emergency declared on Tigray Regional State by the Council of Ministers. 

In its 6th year of third regular meeting held on Thursday, the House has endorsed a draft bill on state of emergency declared to uphold constitutional order in the region.

Last Wednesday, the Council of Ministers in its extraordinary session declared a six-month state of emergency on Tigray Regional State.

The state of emergency aimed to protect the constitution and constitutional order as well as wellbeing of the public and enable the government to discharge constitutional responsibilities.

The state of emergency is decreed for a period of six months.

According to the House, the state of emergency is implemented in Tigray Regional State while specific areas to be under the emergency or not will be decided by task force.

Meanwhile, the House approved the appointment of six-member state of emergency inquiry board.

The state of emergency is chaired by Chief of Staff with established task force comprising of several partners.