HPR Calls for Action against Perpetrators of Horrific Crime


Addis Ababa November 3/2020 (ENA) The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has condemned and called for action against forces that massacred innocent civilians in Guliso Woreda of West Wollega in Oromia Regional State.

The House held today extensive discussion about the attacks on innocent people, including the recent attacks in Metekel and Gurafarda, and the kidnaping of students from Dembi Dolo University.

In this regard, the members stressed that perpetrators of the act should not be allowed to continue their activities.

They further urged the government to provide information on the matter for the members of the House of People’s Representatives so that decisions can be passed.

The members said the recent act was heartbreaking for all.  

They underscored that all of them must sustain the unity of Ethiopia by paying every sacrifice.

This should, however, be implemented carefully and in a way that does not serve the purpose of forces of destruction.

Moreover, the House said it will hold further discussion with stakeholders on the issue.

The House also stated that it will send a delegation to the area to investigate the recent act and follow the matter closely.

It concluded the session by setting an agenda whereby the executive body will explain its activities and pass decision.