Training on Nat’l Consensus, Peace and Democracy Building Underway


Addis Ababa, October 31/2020 (ENA) More than 600 leaders drawn from regions, zones and woredas are attending a three-day training on national consensus, peace and democracy building that kicked off here today. 

The leadership drawn from regions, zones and woredas across the country are attending the training that is aimed to eventually bring about national dialogue and realize the reform in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Peace State Minister Alemayehu Ijigu said sustaining the reform underway is a historical responsibility of all stakeholders.   

According to him, the reform has brought about tangible results and is accompanied with various achievements that need to reach all the regions.

Therefore, it is important to create leaders that are capable and diligent to serve the community equally and respond to public queries in a sense of urgency, the state minister noted.

The training is expected to develop the skill of leadership and to make decisions based on scientific and rationale ways by identifying the problem of the public from the grassroots.

Ministry of Peace Office Head, Ahmed Seid said the current situation in the country needs national dialogue that would help support peace building.

The training mainly focuses on peace building, developing emotional intelligence to make logical decision, among others, he added.

Peace policy direction of the ministry, rule of law and human dignity will also be presented to  the trainees.

Ministry of Peace gave similar training last week and this will continue till local communities are reached.