Ethiopia, Egypt Can Solve Differences Without Paternalistic Approach by Global Power: Eminent Israeli Scholar


Addis Ababa October 30/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia and Egypt can and should solve their differences through dialogue without any intervention and “paternalistic approach by a global power”, the renowned Middle Eastern and African History Professor Haggai Erlich said. 

In a webinar held in Israel on  “The Quest for Equitable Share of the Nile Waters”,  Professor Haggai Erlich  presented his studies that show the nexus between history and current situations in the region from his book titled “From Aswan to Renaissance Dam.” 

He said “GERD symbolizes the revolution of development in Ethiopia; and it is a fact that must be recognized as a reality that stays there.”

Egyptians must accept this new reality and adjust their perspective, the prominent scholar from Tel Aviv University stressed.

The scholar underscored Ethiopia and Egypt can and should solve their differences through dialogue without any intervention and ” paternalistic approach by a global power.” 

The other historian, Vice President for Academic Affairs of the Herzl Institute and Director of  National Strategy Initiative, Dr. Ofir Haivry stated that an innovative regional approach that employs technology could be a win-win solution to address the challenges of water stress, drought and climate change.  

Stressing the fact that Ethiopia has the right to use its share of the Nile River, the director called for a new partnership that uses an Israeli technology and a potential investment from the US for sea water desalination.

Dr. Haivry underlined that this new partnership should recognize GERD as a source of cooperation and regional integration for Ethiopia, Egypt and the entire region.

Speaking at the webinar,  Reta Alemu, Ethiopia’s Ambassador  to Israel said the quest for equitable share of the Nile has been at the center of the negotiation among the riparian countries.

It has also been one of the contentious issues of the current negotiations on the GERD.

This quest is a genuine call for cooperation based on the relevant principles of international law, he noted, adding that it is time for Ethiopia to secure a fair share of the waters of the Nile.

African Ambassadors in Israel, academician and researchers attended the webinar. Participants from all over the world raised questions and comments on the subject which was addressed by the panelists.