Parts of Eastern Africa Region Expects Heavy, Moderate Rainfall: IGAD


Addis Ababa October 28/2020 (ENA) Some parts of East African countries including Ethiopia expect moderate to heavy rain-falls over the coming eight days, according to the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD).

IGAD’s Climate Prediction and Applications Center forecasted that heavy to exceptionally-heavy rainfall in Somalia.

It also said heavy rainfall above 200 mm is expected in the eastern coast of Somalia and localized areas in western Kenya.  

According to the forecast, moderate rainfall between 50-200 mm is expected in parts of western and south-western Ethiopia, southern part of South Sudan, northern and central Somalia, and western Kenya, as well as most parts of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and northern Tanzania. 

Light rainfall less than 50 mm is expected in northern parts of South Sudan, north-western and southern Ethiopia, southern Somalia, central and eastern Kenya, and central and southern Tanzania.

Most of Sudan, Eritrea, central and north-eastern Ethiopia, Djibouti, and north-western Somalia are expected to experience dry conditions over the coming eight days.

Heavy to very heavy rainfall (within the top 10 – 5 percent on record of weekly rainfall) is expected in parts of central to northern Somalia, eastern Ethiopia, and limited areas in central Kenya.