Commission Conducting Assessment to Identify Problems of Administrative Boundary, Identity Matters


Addis Ababa October 27/2020 (ENA) Administrative Boundary and Identity Issues Commission disclosed today that it is undertaking a nationwide assessment in order to effectively deal with the root problems of administrative boundaries and issues related to identity questions in Ethiopia. 

Lack of swift decisions to questions raised regarding administrative boundaries and identity related issues in various parts of Ethiopia are some of the major causes of conflicts.

The main objective of the assessment is therefore to propose possible recommendations for the government to enable it make final and immediate decisions to demands being made by various nations and nationalities in the country in relation to administrative boundaries and identity issues.

Chairperson of the Commission, Dr. Tasew Gebre told journalists today that some 70 researchers drawn from 28 universities across the country are taking part in the assessment that will consume 20 million Birr.

The assessment is expected to be completed by the end of May next year.  

“I hope we are in the right direction now and we will discuss with all concerned bodies to collect the necessary inputs vital to indicate the rooted problems of the matters and the possible solutions,” Dr. Tasew said.

An independent project office has been established in order to make the assessment scientific, inclusive and partial, according to Director-General of the Commission, Awol Hussein.

The findings of the assessment will help find out key public demands and will be used as an initial step for future in-depth researches.

The Administrative Boundaries and Identity Issues Commission was established in 2018 with a view to resolve problems related to administrative boundaries and identity issues being raised among regional states and within regions, it was indicated.