Ethiopia Continues Maximum Efforts to Clear Confusion about GERD: Ministry


Addis Ababa, October 24/2020 (ENA)  Ethiopia will continue its maximum efforts in a bid to further clear confusions that might arise among the international community about its just rights regarding the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dina Mufti told ENA that the recent speech by the U.S. President Donald Trump about the GERD absolutely lacks relevance and something that could not be possible.

Any kind of unconstructive comments made on the GERD is irrelevant that disrespect the rights of a sovereign nation and its people to development by using its resources, he said.  

However, the government of Ethiopia has been engaged in a diplomatic activities through its various institutions including embassies, consular offices as well as other mechanisms in order to aware the international community about Ethiopia’s right regarding the GERD.  

According to Ambassador Dina, efforts are also being underway to strengthen bilateral cooperation with neighboring countries, Middle East, Europe, Asia as well as North and Latin America in a way that would respect the country’s interest.

President Trump on Friday suggested that Egypt may destroy the GERD, during the announcement of a normalization deal between Israel and Sudan.

“They’ll end up blowing up the dam. And I said it and I say it loud and clear — they’ll blow up that dam. And they have to do something,” Trump said.

Various scholars in the country and abroad are criticizing Trump’s senseless speech on the Grand Ethiopian dam.  

One of Ethiopia’ Negotiator of the GERD, Dr, Yacob Arsano said the statement does not consider the age-long strong cooperation among the people and the governments of Ethiopia and the U.S.