EU Launches Five Mil Euro Project to Battle Disasters in Amhara Region


Addis Ababa, October 24/2020 (ENA)  The European Union (EU) has launched a five million euro project that aims at enhancing disaster response capacity in the Ethiopian Amhara regional State.

The main objective of the project is to enhance community’s resilience to disasters and ability to take preparedness measures before disasters happen, EU Decentralized Risk Management Unit Leader in Ethiopia Marko Lesuket said.

Marko stated that technical assistances will be provided to communities to help them effectively combat disasters before they happen.

The project also aims at rehabilitating communities after disasters.

Enhancing capacity building of experts and local leaders in the region so that they can prevent disasters by themselves is also part of the project, he added.

The four year project will be implemented in 60 districts of the region that are identified by a study.  

The project believed to play a great deal of contribution to effectively response to disasters like drought, flood and landslide among others by mobilizing the public.

Similar projects are expected to be implemented in Oromia, Southern Nations and Somali regional states, it was indicated.  

EU has been implementing development programs in Ethiopia to help tackle disaster before they happen.